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Caleb and Madison Petty met in high school and then went on to study music and music business at Belmont University. During high school and their time at Belmont Caleb recorded two albums "Midtown Blues" and "Mr. Nobody" in his home studio, Soulcreek Sounds, with the help of Madison mixing, mastering, and playing on a few songs.  Each of these albums were put out under Caleb's name. Upon getting married, and Madison getting more involved in the writing and playing of the third album "Outlaw", they decided to change the name that the music would be put out under to their last name, "Petty".

Their debut album, "Outlaw" dives more into the southern rock/country category. The new sound that Caleb and Madison are going for is due to more of Madison's involvement, and their change in lifestyle after moving out of the city and back to their roots. After living in Nashville, TN for 4 years during an incredibly politically polarized time, they became more appreciative of the simple things in life. Their music now reflects that with an all around pro-America message. 


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